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We’re proud to have the easiest quote process in town! Just email us your address & we’ll get back to you with a gutter cleaning estimate. 

One story homes starting at just $65 for Columbus area residents. Prices vary by home or building size, so please contact us to get a personalized gutter cleaning or gutter repair quote. We look forward to working with you! 

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Marc, Owner Columbus Gutter Cleaning

About Us

Hi, I’m Marc, owner of Columbus Gutter Cleaning, locally owned and operated in beautiful Columbus, OH. We provide gutter cleaning, gutter repairs, and gutter guards in the greater Columbus area. I never thought I’d be running a gutter cleaning business after graduating from Ohio State in 1998. But what started as a summer job during college has turned out be to a great business and has given lots to my family and employees. We love our job and working outside and fixing our customers’ homes. And of course we’re huge Ohio State Buckeye fans! If you need some work done on your gutters, please contact us today. Have a great day!

Problems Caused by Full Gutters

Gutters add value to your home in more ways than one, the biggest gain for adding guttering to your home is the protection they provide from water damage. However, gutters can only protect a home from overflowing rain water if they are kept clean and maintained.

Rafter Rot

When the gutters fill with debris and become clogged, rain water does not drain through the leaders they way it should. The rain water instead overflows the front and/or back of the gutter. When rain water overflows over the front of the gutter it’s easily noticed by the discoloration the water creates on the exterior of the home. When the rain water overflows the back side of the gutters it’s not as easy to notice until serious damage has occurred. The guttering is attached to the roof rafters of the home and if full gutters are causing the rain water to overflow on the back side and keep the wood roof rafters wet and damp, the rafter will rot and create costly home repairs.

Soil Erosion

Full gutters that won’t allow rain water to travel down and away from the house in a controlled manner will lead to soil erosion around the house foundation. As the overflowing rain water cascades down the sides of the house at-will the force of the water is powerful enough to erode the soil and seep underground into the basement or crawl space of the home.

Excess rain water during severe down pours can also overflow clogged gutters and cascade down the home’s exterior with such force as to uproot and wash away foundational plantings, like flowers and small shrubs.

Damaged Gutters

Having gutters installed (or doing it yourself) is not cheap and full gutters are heavy and the weight will damage the gutter system. Gutters are relatively lightweight when empty and are designed to hold the weight of running water during rain, but they’re not strong enough to support hundreds of pounds of dead weight for prolonged periods of time, which is exactly what a full gutter is trying to do. The excess weight will damage the gutters, bending or bowing them so their pitch is off and water can’t flow through them properly even after they are cleaned. Heavy gutters filled with debris may also pull away from the roof rafters and fall onto structures or people below.