Cleaning Your Own Gutters


Clean gutters around the roofline of your home not only improves the curb appeal and value of your home, it also protects your home from water damage. Without gutters, rain water cascades down the face of your home’s siding, leaving unsightly water marks that are immediately noticeable from the curb. But that’s not all that will happen to a home without gutters or even to a home that has gutters that are filled with debris – the water cascading down the siding of the home will eventually rot wood, erode foundational soil and somehow find it’s way into your home’s interior. The rainwater which has not been dispersed and channeled away from the home via clean gutters will seep into the home and cause mold, mildew and rot damage, all of which is costly and time consuming to repair.

Damage Prevention

The first step to protect your home from rain water damage is to install (or have installed) quality gutters. The next step, which needs to be taken once or twice a year, is to keep the gutters free and clear of debris. Cleaning your home gutters is a simple task, but DIY gutter cleaning means safety first.

Safety Gear

A safe, sturdy ladder that is the right height to enable you to reach the gutters without stretching or tiptoeing. The ladder needs sturdy footing and solid, intact rungs for you to climb on.

Slip-proof shoes is also another piece of safety gear needed for DIY gutter cleaning. You will be using a water hose and performing the task in slip-proof shoes will help keep you stable on wet, narrow ladder rungs.

Safety glasses should be worn to protect eyes from debris, flying insects, dirty water back-splash and potential small animals that like to nest in gutter debris. A stick, similar in size and shape to a police officer’s billy-stick and a can of spray insect killer stuck handily in your back pocket can help save you from being attacked by angry insects or startled animals. Encountering insects or animals is rare, but better safe than sorry.

Other Gear

A garden trowel is handy to lift out stubborn debris and thick rubber gloves will protect hands from sharp gutter edges and debris. A water hose nozzle with a jet spray setting makes quick work of blasting leaves and debris down and out of the house gutters.